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Paid to Click (PTC) programs

This is a very simple way to make money. This is calling PTC(Paid to click). There are many "Paid to click" or "PTC" sites are available in the internet. These sites pay money for just clicking on advertise.

Many sponsors around the world want to advertise their products or services or want to more traffic to their websites on internet world wide.


So, they pay money to these PTC sites and as a member of these PTC sites view the sponsors website or advertisement then these PTC sites will pay us online money by PayPal or Payza.  you can earn up to $80 to $250 per month with PTC programs.

They pay money only just clicking on advertisement.


Advertisement Viewing Procedure

The procedure is very easy. First of all login to that PTC sites and go to the advertise area. After that click on advertisement link then open a new window with a sponsors website showing their service or products information. Sponsors website open with count-down time counter on the top of the page 20 or 30 seconds. When it reaches 30 to 0 seconds then our account is paid for that.


Movies and Music

PTC sites are not only pay money for click on their advertisement but also they paying for watching movies or listening music on your computer.

These PTC sites will not charge any registration fee from you. You can click on advertise in a minimize window and continue to your work.


My PTC Sites Experience:

I have some bad experience in this earning way. When I was new in this way then I got some ads who instantly offering money for registration or get rich soon or earn money easy or big cash out limit. But actually they are scam because I did registration with one site and given time daily for earning money from that site. But when it reach 50 dollars (cash out limit was 50$) then I request for money. They told me, they will audit everything of my site because if I violate their terms and conditions then they will not pay me.

Last of all I understand that was scam! Because till now I am waiting for their audit. So, alert yourself from all scam sites because I was spend many time and give hard work for that site.


Tips for PTC Sites

I have given below some Tips for PTC sites for everyone. You should check those sites before you start earning.

1) Check there is a forum on the site or not? That forum should be related to cash.

2) If there is a forum check payment proof section, always pay their members on time.

3) If there is a payment proof section check how usually they paying to their members.

Everyday they should have 10 or 15 payment record with date and time.

4) Search on Google or other search engine, on the search box write that website name and scam or fraud then you will get some users post.


Better Way to Follow This System for View Ads

At first you join 12-15 PTC reliable websites. Now you open at least 7 or 8 PTC sites at the same time each of them on a separate window of your web-browser. Now you click on first advertise link for all PTC sites at the same time and when all sites count-down will comes 30 seconds to zero then click on second link like previous.


This system will save your time. After click on that all advertise links you can minimize all window and you can do others computer work.


Reliable PTC Sites Given Below

You can registration to given below PTC sites free of cost. These sites are most reliable.


Earnings : $0.01 (each clicks), 50% referral
Payment : Payza, Minimum cashout $2

Earnings : $0.005 (each clicks), 50% referral
Payment : payza, Minimum cashout $7.99


Payment: paypal, payza (see the given image for more details)



WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Earnings : $0.01 (each clicks), 50% referral
Payment : payza, paypal Minimum cashout $3.99



Earnings : $0.001 – $0.002 (each clicks), 10% referral
Payment : payza, PayPal, Minimum cashout $2

Earnings : $0.10 (each click), 50% earning commission from referrals work

Payment: paypal, payza;  Minimum payout: $100

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