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OUGOS - Earn Money through PPC and Ougos browser–(Part III)

1. Earn money -Way of life-

ougos ppc

There are a lot of affiliate programs, which accept our service. To use Ougos is allowed. On the link below, there are shown some affiliate programs. Please read the terms and conditions of every affiliate programs before you use it. find PPC Programs

2. PTP (Pay to Promote) Sites

This is new for us. Ougos users promote that you can use our service also for ptp-site. If you using a PTP-Site, please test it with our service.

3. Top Sites

Use Ougos for Top-Sites. You have create a new website and want advertise for your website with no money. Top Sites can help you. What you need are some clicks. The clicks you get from ougos. Sign up at a top site service and put the promoting code on you site. Add your site to your Ougos account and other users click on your promoting code, so your site display on a better ranking place. All site on top list you have a good ranking place will visit by other users more often. Test it!

4. Browser Games

Some browser games require an action by the user. Most often they want that other users clicks. Generate clicks by ougos to win the game!

5. Alternative to Traffic exchange programs

You can also use Ougos as traffic exchange programs. using Ougos has only advantages for you.
Firstly you get a mix of impressions and clicks. Normal traffic exchange programs only offer impressions, but no clicks.

Secondly all your hits and clicks you get from ougos are invisible. In your statistics ougos visitors are list as direct visitors. No one know that you are using ougos. If you using normal traffic exchange programs everyone know: the advertiser, your host, even your statistics your traffic came from a traffic exchange programs. Join Ougos use it and hide your traffic

6. Few Other site: Now Few of the peoples are working with Link shortening services to earn money with this OUGOS browser. Shorten links are working fine. Examples are Linkbucks, etc


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