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Earn with Blog or Website

This is the common and all time earning way of online,if you can do it properly. At first you have to build your own website or a blog and monetize it.  You can purchase a Domain Name (".com" or ".net") and Host for keep your site’s data or if you want to make a website without any investment then you can go for Google BlogSpot which is free sub domain.


Signup for Domain Names Here

Signup for Free Hosting

There are so many free hosting services are there. Few are giving here:

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Monetization means adding paid per click advertisement programs like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher network, Bidvertizer or banner space for sell or text links or paid per post (PPP) program etc on your website.


There are varieties of ways to monetize a website. After monetizing your website, whenever your site is opened then you will get cash for per click on advertise. You have seen many websites shows ads by Google, they earning money by those advertise. More people click on those advertises then more you will earn money. This program is called paid per click (PPC). The majority of PPC service providers are Google and Yahoo publisher network.


But here is the big factor is "Traffic" on your website. Because more you have traffic to your website, more you will earn money. All people search on top search engines, so your sites must come under top three search engines result page to gain traffic. This process is known as a "Search Engine Optimization" in sort SEO. You must have to learn about SEO technique. You can learn about SEO technique from internet.


Monetize a Website

When you visit other websites then you will see many websites shows "ads by Google" on their webpage. They are earning money for showing them.

So, monetizing a website means you will show advertisement of some other product or company or websites and earn money from it.

There are many ways to monetize a website. Some ways of monetize given below:

1) By placing paid per click (PPC) adverts on your webpage:

PPC means you will earn money when someone click on the advertise on your webpage.

2) By selling banners space:

You will create some empty banner space on your web page and you will sell or rent them for some cash money.

3) By placing cost per impression (CPM) adverts on your webpage:

Cost per impression (CPM) means you will be paid for showing adverts on your web page.

4) Yahoo publisher network

5) Bidvertiser

6) Adbrite

And many more different ways to monetize your website text link, wp plugins, job boards etc.

Website or Blog Designing Software and Language


At first, you must have to know some knowledge about basic of HTML (Hyper Text Murkup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Photoshop. Now you will get many soft for your website design like Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 , Ms FrontPage etc. These web design software will convert your web document into html code. You can easily design your website by using those software.

If you want to learn about web designing software then you will get many tutorials and e book in the internet. Also you have to work with images for your website.

So, you must have to know or good hand in Photoshop for edit those images. I have given details about how to make a website, follow my others links under "website making help" section.


Get a Free Website or Blog

There are many websites which provides free web space for your website. You need free domain name for your new build website. You will get free sub domain for free registration not main domain. Sub domain means your website name will be like "" and main domain means your website name will be like "".  Main domain is the main website and its your own domain name.


Gain Traffic to Your Website

After create your own website or blog then you need to know how to gain more traffic to your website. Traffic is another big factor for success or earns money online. Your site must be shown to the internet users when they search for some query on the search engine like Google and Yahoo!.

You must have to learn search engine optimization for showing your web page on the search engine result page (SERP). There are many techniques to gain traffic to your website which I given details to my "Website Traffic" link, you can follow that.


What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the technique used to advance on the top of SERP. There are two parts in SEO – on page and off page optimization.

1) On Page Optimization:

In this part you will choose a keyword and title to target visitors and the proper keyword density in your web page body or article. You will try to make your website or blog Google friendly and bot friendly.

2) Off Page Optimization:

In this part you will submit your webpage link on various spot like in articles, web directories etc by using proper anchor text to gain high page ranking.

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