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Be alert with this Scam Sites List

The scam site always try to trap you for your money or cheat with you. This is the dishonest attempt in the internet. Unfortunately we all are experienced with cheat in different ways and we well known how feel it.

scam sites

Scam sites always offer you something alluring and it will present to you as like true but it false. Scammers are always use new techniques to falling peoples into their trap. If you fall in that trap you will be lose your money.

If you try then you can protect your money and yourself from scam site. You should read more articles on scam site, how they work and how they offer you. Alwas keep yourselt conscious and up-to-date about scam site. Before you start your work with unknown site you should check with latest scam list.


Tips on Self Protection

1) Before fully understand offers, do not respond

2) Don’t share or give out your credit card or bank account information

3) Never divulge any personal information to unfamiliar person

4) Check carefully your emails and letters - if feel hesitation, don’t respond to them

5) Take time for making final decision about offers, don’t be rushed

6) Before dealing with any company, carefully check their background and all record

7) Please report the scam to OCBA, if you become a victim


List of Scam Sites

This scam list will help you to keep alert yourself from those scam websites. I recommend you that before you start earn money online, you should check them with this list (they are scam or not?).











[C]"""******""******* (force searching)**




[G]"""""" "***


(I)""*** (continues sending mails to canceled member)




[M] (continues sending mails to canceled member)"**

[N] (continues sending mails to canceled member)


[P]*** searches)********""*


[R] (forces searches)**




[W]****(contains an harmful virus, continues sending mails to canceled member)



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