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Earn with Blog or Website

This is the common and all time earning way of online,if you can do it properly. At first you have to build your own website or a blog and monetize it.  You can purchase a Domain Name (".com" or ".net") and Host for keep your site’s data or if you want to make a website without any investment then you can go for Google BlogSpot which is free sub domain.


Signup for Domain Names Here

Signup for Free Hosting

There are so many free hosting services are there. Few are giving here:

  1. Free Free web hosting. Instant activation. PHP/MySQL/cPanel. 24/7 Customer support. No ads, no contract, no strict policies. Free transfer from paid hosting
  2. Free web hosting with PHP, MySQL, FTP, File Manager, addon, parked and extra sub domains, Custom MX records, POP email, instant activation and more
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Monetization means adding paid per click advertisement programs like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher network, Bidvertizer or banner space for sell or text links or paid per post (PPP) program etc on your website.


There are varieties of ways to monetize a website. After monetizing your website, whenever your site is opened then you will get cash for per click on advertise. You have seen many websites shows ads by Google, they earning money by those advertise. More people click on those advertises then more you will earn money. This program is called paid per click (PPC). The majority of PPC service providers are Google and Yahoo publisher network.


But here is the big factor is "Traffic" on your website. Because more you have traffic to your website, more you will earn money. All people search on top search engines, so your sites must come under top three search engines result page to gain traffic. This process is known as a "Search Engine Optimization" in sort SEO. You must have to learn about SEO technique. You can learn about SEO technique from internet.


Monetize a Website

When you visit other websites then you will see many websites shows "ads by Google" on their webpage. They are earning money for showing them.

So, monetizing a website means you will show advertisement of some other product or company or websites and earn money from it.

There are many ways to monetize a website. Some ways of monetize given below:

1) By placing paid per click (PPC) adverts on your webpage:

PPC means you will earn money when someone click on the advertise on your webpage.

2) By selling banners space:

You will create some empty banner space on your web page and you will sell or rent them for some cash money.

3) By placing cost per impression (CPM) adverts on your webpage:

Cost per impression (CPM) means you will be paid for showing adverts on your web page.

4) Yahoo publisher network

5) Bidvertiser

6) Adbrite

And many more different ways to monetize your website text link, wp plugins, job boards etc.

Website or Blog Designing Software and Language


At first, you must have to know some knowledge about basic of HTML (Hyper Text Murkup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Photoshop. Now you will get many soft for your website design like Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 , Ms FrontPage etc. These web design software will convert your web document into html code. You can easily design your website by using those software.

If you want to learn about web designing software then you will get many tutorials and e book in the internet. Also you have to work with images for your website.

So, you must have to know or good hand in Photoshop for edit those images. I have given details about how to make a website, follow my others links under "website making help" section.


Get a Free Website or Blog

There are many websites which provides free web space for your website. You need free domain name for your new build website. You will get free sub domain for free registration not main domain. Sub domain means your website name will be like "" and main domain means your website name will be like "".  Main domain is the main website and its your own domain name.


Gain Traffic to Your Website

After create your own website or blog then you need to know how to gain more traffic to your website. Traffic is another big factor for success or earns money online. Your site must be shown to the internet users when they search for some query on the search engine like Google and Yahoo!.

You must have to learn search engine optimization for showing your web page on the search engine result page (SERP). There are many techniques to gain traffic to your website which I given details to my "Website Traffic" link, you can follow that.


What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the technique used to advance on the top of SERP. There are two parts in SEO – on page and off page optimization.

1) On Page Optimization:

In this part you will choose a keyword and title to target visitors and the proper keyword density in your web page body or article. You will try to make your website or blog Google friendly and bot friendly.

2) Off Page Optimization:

In this part you will submit your webpage link on various spot like in articles, web directories etc by using proper anchor text to gain high page ranking.

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Earn by Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the most popular online advertisement service. It is provided by Google, but it is not related to its search engine. By using Google AdSense you can generate revenue from third-party ads on your website. There are many tricks and different approaches that will help you utilize the best revenue from Google AdSense. Here we will try to cover the basics in order to provide you with a successful start in Google AdSense.



Google AdSense Introduction:

Google AdSense is probably the most popular advertisement service on the web. By including a specific javascript code in your web site, it allows you to generate revenue though different advertisements related to your web site content. The amount of generated income is based on the type of advertisements and the number of clicks on them. Your income is generated both from clicks on ads and from impressions (number of times the advertisement is shown on your web site).


Besides the clicks and the impressions, you can earn money by including a Google search box in your web site code. If your web site visitors use it you will get a percent of the profit relevant to their search terms.


AdSense for Feeds and AdSense for Domains are also available . The first one places ads in the feeds managed by Google for your web site. The second one allows advertisements to be included for domains that do not  open a web site with content.


Welcome to Google AdSense


Steps to Setup Google AdSense Program to Your Site

1) Obtain and Activate Google Adsense Account for your web site. Obtaining the Goolge Adsense Account for your website is the first step towards earning money from Google Adsense. Before applying for the Google Adsense make sure that your site is working properly and there in no dead links. To apply for Google Adsense account visit and fill out the application

form and confirm an email that Google will send you. If you own several sites you need to apply only once. After this Google will evaluate your site and follow-up with you email within 2-3 days. If your application is accepted you will be able to login to your ad sense account.


2) Placing Google Adsense Ads on your web site

The next step is to place adds on your website. Logon to your Adsense account and select the appropriate ads for your website. Then copy the ads code and paste on your web pages. Google AdSense generated code will be similar to the following one:


Once you pasted the code on your web pages, next step is to upload your web pages. Now you upload the web pages and then browse your web site. You will notice that Google ads appears on you web site.

Placing the Ads correctly is very import for good earnings. The best placement for Google Adsense ads varies from page to page, depending on the content. The best place to place Google Adsense Ads is wherever the web site visitor will be looking.


Ads on the Top of the Page
Advertisements at the top of the page perform well. Chose the ads format which mixes with your page color and style. For example if your web page has a white background color and default color of your links is blue, then you remove the border from Adsense, make the ads background color white.


Ads on the bottom of the Page
Ads on the bottom of page does not perform well. So, don't concentrate on the bottom page ads

Ads on the right bar
Usually the right bar is for web site navigation, usually right side ads performs best.

Ads on the left bar
The left bar ads performance is also good.


3) Monitor Your Earning
Now your web site is earning for you. Your web site will earn while you are sleeping. You can logon to the Google Adsense account and check your earnings.


Can I Use Same Adsense Account for More Than One?

Yes. In fact, the more sites you have displaying Google Adsense ads, the more money you can make. You don’t even have to notify Google of the new sites. Make sure though, that any new site you add conforms to Google Adsense Program Policies, because if your account gets terminated for violating the terms of service, you won't be able to display ads on any of your other sites.

To implement ads on your new site, all you have to do is copy and paste the same ad layout code you previously applied on your original site. This is if you don't want to change the colors, ad type or channel.


Google Adsense will Banned You

Many web site owners are getting their Google Adsense account banned when they have done nothing wrong to deserve the punishment. Considering the money that some are getting from Adsense, those who got banned would certainly want to get back into the program. But why all the hassle when there are clear guidelines which you can easily follow to maintain a good standing Adsense account? Don't get yourself into Click fraud.


1) Click fraud

Click fraud is the act of clicking on ads for the purpose of costing the advertiser money. It is simply the same as paying out cash for false leads. Many website owners are aware of this fraud and are sharing the same sentiment that this is the one biggest problem that Adsense is facing.


2) How can you prevent from being involved in this fraud?
Majority of web hosts are offering access logs. Once this is offered to you, it is necessary that you hand it over to Google as well. This will allow them to look for any suspicious activity on your site. Problems like this are very serious and giving it to them is like saying that you would want to help them in any way you can in solving the problem.


3) click monitoring software

It can also help if you have a click monitoring software. If you do not have one yet, you should try and get one. There is absolutely no major factor preventing you from having one because most of this software is free. One example is Adlogger!

As usual, all the information you have received should be turned over to Google. This is showing Google that you too are fighting against click frauds and is in no way a part of it. Study your server logs and watch for any activity that seems suspicious. Report anything that you may find odd, may it big or small thing.


4) Disabling ads for your own IP address
You may want to consider disabling ads for your own IP address and local geographic area. This will certainly prevent accidents and will not make Google assume another user as you. You can do through a htaccess file. This will avoid mistakingly clicking on your own ads and be kicked out because of it.

5) Keep your Adsense off on pop ups and pop unders

Your ads should not be displayed on content sites that promote illegal activity or tampering of the legal rights of other people or business. Included in this are the content that is considered adult and gambling ones. If you think that you may be breaking this rule, immediately remove your content or Adsense from the web page.


6) Be truthful and confess

Be truthful and confess up to Google about times when you might have clicked on your own ads, whether accidentally or intentionally. Or the times when you have done something that is against the Terms of Service. Be honest about anything that you may have done that is wrong. Confessing is way better than Google learning about it eventually.


7) Do not tell your family or friends to click on Adsense on your website

Chances are they may start clicking on them to help you make money without you knowing it. They may be doing more harm to you than helping in the first place. If ever someone you know chanced upon your Adsense, make sure they understand that they cannot click on your ads under any circumstances. It would be wise to brief them on important things about Adsense and what not to do with them.

Most pay per click networks have different measures in hand to protect website owners against click frauds. Other search engines can track more than 50 data points, IP address, browser’s information, user’s session info and pattern recognition. They also have “systems” available that detects fraud. Not to mention the specialized teams monitoring how things are going and helping advertisers stop click frauds.


8) Do not be caught in the Google click fraud

Do not be caught in the Google click fraud. Be aware and be wary.


Don't waste time Just read the TOS (Terms and conditions) and signup for Adsense account

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Earn with Sharing Links

This is very easy and common way to earn money online. Link sharing is a normal thing which we do commonly while surfing internet. We share our favorite links with our friends on e-mail and social websites like FaceBook, Yahoo! and msn. image


You can share any kind of links like a website link or a video or an image or mp3 link or even a download file link. When someone click or open your paid links then you will earn for that.

More detail given below about earns money by sharing links.


About Paid Link

Generally everyone knows normal link but paid link is a link when it open with some advertisement and we are paid for that. This system is known as a monetizing a link or paid link. These links basically three type.

1) Intermission ad link:

When someone opens this paid link firstly it will open with full page advertisement after 10 seconds our actual page will open.

2) Top Banner ad link:

In this link advertise banner always show on the top of our original webpage.

3) Pop-Up ad link:

When someone open this paid link then pop-up window containing the advertisement.


Convert a Normal Link to Paid Link

At first signup or register on that website and login there. Now click on "create links" from menu bar then copy and past normal link there. After that it will ask you for "Landing page contain". The landing page means which will open when your link is clicked.


This step is you will get two options there one is "all ages" and another is "eighteen plus". Select one option from there and it totally depends on your type of links.


In last step it will ask you for type of paid link ads. There are three type of paid link ads

1) Intermission ad link

2) Top banner ad link

3) Pop-up ad link.  Select one which type you want to create.


When someone clicks on this paid link then it will show some advertisement with original link.


Is There any Restriction on Earning?

No, there is no restriction on earning. More you share your link then more you earn.


Is it Free to Signup/Join?

Yes, its totally free for join or register. They will not charge any fee for earning by sharing links.


Request for Money

You have to earn minimum $5 dollars then you can request for your money. They will send your money to your online bank PayPal or Payza account.


Tips for Sharing Links

  1. Collect interesting links from internet and convert those links into paid link then send it to everyone by e-mail.
  2. You can use social networking sites like,, and for sharing your paid links.
  3. You can also use Yahoo! or msn messenger chat for sharing your paid links. You can send message them with attaching your paid links.
  4. Collect some funny video and image from or then convert them paid link and send them to your friends.


Paid Link Making Site

You can convert a normal link to a paid link by this site. Choose your favorite link and make it to a paid link. Signup here and get free account – Happy Earnings

1. Linkbucks:



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Earn from Pay Per Impression (PPM)

In this way you are paid according to how many times advertising banner display on your website. Your earning amount is fully calculated based on the number of thousand impressions of the banner. (Impressions = number of times the banner is displayed), This earning amount is too small but very easy to earn by this way. How many times a visitor loads the page then you will earn. If you can make your website more attractive then you will earn more money. image


How You will Find CPM Ads?

When you are a good website owner with well traffic and own domain name. Then you can setup Pay Per Impression (PPM) ads on your website. You can find many CPM ads providers website by search on search engines. Choose better one which is most reliable for their user’s payment. There are many CPM ads provider; you can go to this site for more help. You will find there different types of ads banner. You can choose good one for your website.


The Cost of CPM Ads

  1. Actually its depends on banner ads and advertisers. For banner Ads they normally pay $1.00 per 1,000 impressions.
  2. 1,000 impression means banner will be display thousand time when that page loaded.
  3. The amount paid per impression is calculated by dividing the CPM by 1000. For example, a $10 CPM equals $.01 per impression.
  4. $10 CPM / 1000 impressions = $.01 per impression.
  5. So, you will earn $1 dollar for 1 thousand impressions.


Example of Banner Ads

For more visitors attract Choose the batter placement and setup CPM banner ads on your web page that banner will be like this or different size or shape. More visitors loaded your page then more you will earn money.


Payment System

They pay their users payment monthly. They send your money to your online bank account or by check to your postal home address.


Paid Per Impression (CPM) Website

One paid per impression website given below. You can start by this website for free register. You will get more paid per impression programs on this site


Few Examples are


Adversal is greate source for your income if you are tired of trying to sell all of your ad space every month only to end up with unsold inventory than Adversal Publisher Network will buy 100% of your pop-under inventory every month so that you will never have to worry about your ad space going unsold again. They pay up to $1.20 per 1,000 page views. That is about $6.00 per 1,000 unique visitors!

Adversal pays out every 30 days with a low minimum of $20 for payment. They will pay by check or deposit directly to a PayPal account if you have one on the 15th of every month.

If you run a site that wouldnt meet the requirements to join one of the more well known networks, or you have a high percentage of international traffic, you should check out Adversal.


2, Exoclicks:

ExoClick is here over 5 years now and provides Adult and main stream advertising solutions and can monetize any web & mobile traffic. They have several advertising methods. So you can choose from: Text Ad, Banner Ad, Popunder, Instant Message, Interstitial, Direct Link, In-Video.

Navigation at their site is simple and its easy to set up your campain after you add your site. They are not so strict when accepting new publishers so even with lower traffic you would be accepted. Advertisers can have their ads placed on relevant websites according to the keywords used, and website owners can receive a share of the advertising revenue when their visitors click on these ads.
Payments are sent weekly every Monday and minimum is $20. Now they added also Payoneer payment plus they have Paypal and bank wire. I did research and there are mostly positive feedbacks about this company so it seems to be as a good Adsense alternative.



PopAds is simply the best paying advertising network specialized in popunders on the Internet. They guarantee you that no other popunder ad network will pay better than us! Just register and see for yourself. Prepare to be astonished! Popads are under your control.

It is you who choose the rate! You can choose the minimal bid (price of a single popunder) you accept, you can also limit the number of popunders shown to a single visitor during a day. Furthermore you can refuse to accept popunders with sound or with other annoying elements.


They offer industry highest rates and the best international coverage. Average revenue for 1000 US unique visitors on a website publishing our code was never below $4.00 USD! Except that, PopAds have advertisers for over 40 countries including North America, Southern Asia, India, Western Europe and Australia.

You can request withdrawal of your PopAds revenue anytime you want. Usually, you will see money in your PayPal or AlertPay account within 24 hours. Your earnings are deposited in a kind of wallet, so you can even use them to buy popunder traffic to your own websites.

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Earn from Infolinks

"Infolinks" is a in-text advertising network. For showing Infolinks ads space is not required. Its look like a link with double or single under line. When you keep mouse pointer on that link then one window will open with ads. If someone click on that ads publisher will paid for that click.


So, it’s a very simple and nice advertising network. I like Infolinks very much. Some common queries about infolinks are following:


How do You Earn Money with Infolinks In-Text Ads? 

Website advertising is not so easy matter. If someone clicks on Infolinks ads on your website, you will get paid! they bring the advertisers for you and get most of the revenue - with the highest revenue share in the industry.  


How do You start Infolinks? 

As per their comments, all websites large & small can earn Infolinks revenue today. No sign up fees. No hidden commitments. No qualification minimums. Start now!


Infolinks is Free and Easy!

It’s free & very easy – you can be earning in a minute! No installation or website changes. Just sign up, cut & paste code & start earning!

Infolinks Commitment to You

  1. Earn 70% revenue share. The highest around.
  2. Industry leading CTR!
  3. Big brand advertisers for all sites – big & small
  4. Our ads are more relevant to your readers
  5. Infolinks ads keep readers engaged & clicking
  6. Monetize a Website or Blog with Infolinks

It’s very easy to start earning income from ads on your website! Just sign up here, cut & paste the code to your website and it will start work.


Ad Example


Infolinks Paying Systems

Infolinks publishers receive payments via Bank wire transfer, PayPal, ACH or Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard (powered by Payoneer).


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OUGOS - Earn Money through PPC and Ougos browser–(Part III)

1. Earn money -Way of life-

ougos ppc

There are a lot of affiliate programs, which accept our service. To use Ougos is allowed. On the link below, there are shown some affiliate programs. Please read the terms and conditions of every affiliate programs before you use it. find PPC Programs

2. PTP (Pay to Promote) Sites

This is new for us. Ougos users promote that you can use our service also for ptp-site. If you using a PTP-Site, please test it with our service.

3. Top Sites

Use Ougos for Top-Sites. You have create a new website and want advertise for your website with no money. Top Sites can help you. What you need are some clicks. The clicks you get from ougos. Sign up at a top site service and put the promoting code on you site. Add your site to your Ougos account and other users click on your promoting code, so your site display on a better ranking place. All site on top list you have a good ranking place will visit by other users more often. Test it!

4. Browser Games

Some browser games require an action by the user. Most often they want that other users clicks. Generate clicks by ougos to win the game!

5. Alternative to Traffic exchange programs

You can also use Ougos as traffic exchange programs. using Ougos has only advantages for you.
Firstly you get a mix of impressions and clicks. Normal traffic exchange programs only offer impressions, but no clicks.

Secondly all your hits and clicks you get from ougos are invisible. In your statistics ougos visitors are list as direct visitors. No one know that you are using ougos. If you using normal traffic exchange programs everyone know: the advertiser, your host, even your statistics your traffic came from a traffic exchange programs. Join Ougos use it and hide your traffic

6. Few Other site: Now Few of the peoples are working with Link shortening services to earn money with this OUGOS browser. Shorten links are working fine. Examples are Linkbucks, etc


Read the related topics:

  1. Ougos - Your Online Traffic Broker - Get Free Clicks to your URLs–(Part 1)

  2. Ougos - How to Configure OUGO Browser and Running–(Part II)


Signup Here and get more points: 

(Click on Image for Signup form and get Browser FREE)

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Ougos - How to Configure OUGO Browser and Running–(Part II)


1. Download OUGO Browser

2. Install OUGO Browser

3. Open OUGO Browser

4. Open ‘OUGOS-MEMBER’ in menu bar and click on “Enter Ougos Link Here”


4. Click on “Tools” go to “Developers”,”Analyst”, “Act” and then to “Setup” or Click on “Surf” and go to “Setup”


Paste your personal OUGOS-Link (Your OUGOS LINK you can find in members area on Dashboard) in OUGO Browser and click OK.


You can start rotation. Congratulations!

  1. To earn credits and having no problems, please activate the following features:
  2. Allow Pictures, Allow Sounds, Allow Animation, Allow Video, Allow Active X, Allow Cookies, Allow Scripting, Allow Files Downloading (optional), Enable Pop-up Killer
  3. Go to “Navigation” and click on “Six”, the surfing will start

You’re done. The OUGO Browser should rotate on different sites and you earn credits from OUGOS.

See the links before this:

Ougos - Your Online Traffic Broker - Get Free Clicks to your URLs–(Part 1)

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Ougos - Your Online Traffic Broker - Get Free Clicks to your URLs–(Part 1)

Ougos is an Online Traffic Broker, which was released on 5th January 2008. Ougos only trade with real and unforced clicks, to increase the popularity of member’s websites. Especially small and undiscovered websites have problems to become popular in internet. Ougos help these sites to get more popularity and more money.




Ougos is an Online Traffic Broker; you can receive free “clicks” and “impressions” on your website. With the support of the OUGO Browser it is possible to visit up to 720 sides per hour. In spite of that you can run the OUGO Browser in background, so it cannot disturb you while surfing. Ougos is basically different to normal visitor’s exchange service.


Normal visitor’s exchange services offer their members to receive clicks on their websites too, but these clicks are “forced” (Forced-Clicks) and cost many credits. Ougos doesn’t force its members to click on a special button at member’s website to earn more credits. Ougos only offers real and unforced clicks. Besides, this principle is still efficient! You receive more clicks on your website with Ougos than with Forced4Click campaigns in visitor’s exchange services!

Quick Start

Some users in Ougos complain not to know, how Ougos works. This new tutorial should help to solve this problem.


We start very primitive:

Ougos names itself as Traffic Broker. This meaning is not very popular. You can also say: Click exchange; it is a special kind of traffic exchange.


Chapters of tutorial:

  1. Why do I need clicks?
  2. Are there any requirements?
  3. Search a PPC-Network to earn money
  • I have a website
  • I have no website


1. Why do I need clicks?

ougos user

You need clicks for your private or commercial website. There are two different kind of users, who visits websites:

  1. The first one visit your website, look not more than 30 seconds to your content and close your site.
  2. The second one visit also your website, but is reading your content, is interested and click to next site.
  3. The last one (the second) has a better value for webmasters than the first one. With the last one webmasters earn the morest profit. This is because such users are interested at your content and the possibility that he also willing to click to your ad is very high (over 80%).


Ougos has focused on this second type of specialized visitors. All individuals who using our system, use the OUGO Browser (Autoclick-Browser) and click on ads or next pages. This has its advantages.

2. Are there any requirements?

ougosfluss 2

No. But it is recommend if you want make the highest benefits with Ougos (but there are also alternatives) to own a website. If you haven’t a website you can create one by free-webhosters, for example: . After creating you paste your new URL into “My Links” in your Ougos account.

All Urls, which are registrate in Ougos System will rotate every day. Ougos Members will see your website until you have zero credits. To earn credits you must surf with OUGO Browser.


You can download the OUGO Browser into your account on dashboard (first site you see), there is a link (Download here) and also introduction how to configure OUGO Browser (Configure OUGO Browser). If you’re done with all that, you have reach 80% of 100%! The last 20% contain the search at an advertising network or affiliate program. A list of advertising network, which work with Ougos you can find here.


Sign up on one or more advertising network there. Then you put their advertising code into your website or free-host website and after this, please check if you see ads. Beware that your advertiser has CPC offers (CPC=Cost per click advertising). That is very important!


3. I haven’t a website!


Alternative (I have no website)

If you don’t have a website or you are not interested to have one, for this kind of users, we have also a solution:

Under: we have a list of advertising networks, which don’t require owning a website or have a free host website. If you sign up there, please beware that you get a link. That link you must register into “My Links”.


So it is in Ougos system and you get the clicks and views. I hope you could follow all explanations. If not, please don’t hesitate to ask into forum or contact us.

Add websites


Add unlimited websites

Whether your own website or a friend; every site you enter into Ougos, will assumed *. You can use Ougos, to earn money with your website, to get more points by a browser game, or to increase the Alexa rank. Websites, who are in the Ougos system, get a better Google position if someone search something.

Learn How to Download, Configure the Browser and

Browser running process in Part – II

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Write the content for your Blog / Site–(Day 5)

We learnt how to create blog and its settings details and now we need to create Pages. The biggest task is preparing content and  blog update. We need to create content which should be interesting for your readers and should be worth referring.


1.Title: Title is most important factor of the most important aspect of a blog post. It should be clear and understandable. The title should tell the reader what the post is about.

2.  Content: Headings, sub-heading and description should be use in right way. You should also take care of the SEO factor when you write your content. You should write content with passion, style and purpose. Readers should feel the results of reading your posts. Use simple language to present the content. Use examples to explains some times. Using images gives best results when you use at right places.

3. Spelling and Grammar: Check the article to check the spellings and Grammar before publishing. (Use GINGER Software for this purpose)

4. Include Images – Try to include at least one image / picture on your post. One image can replace hundreds of words.

5. Include Videos:  For presenting tutorials, create a video which explain the process. This will help you readers and spend more time on your site.

6. References: Use Reference or its links in your articles. Do not feel shy to do this. The reader feel comfort and get  more information.

7. Encourage Comments

8. Keep our post to the point

9. Presentation Format is very important

10. Conclusion – Always try to add a short conclusion or your views on the topic that you are writing about.

11. Do not use any Article Rewritten software

12. Do not use any Back Hat Methods to create Articles.

13. Get topic idea by watching TV, News papers and Magazines.

Write more & more posts as you like with simple and readable format. You will see the improvement in your posting style, language as you go on. Write good content because “Content is king” so give maximum priority to the content writing job.

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Optimize your blog for your Search Engines – (Day 7)

Optimization of blog posts are very important step in SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Posing of contents is not a final thing, the promotion of Blog & blog posts are very important.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.



How to optimize your Blog:

I would suggest you to first go through the Google Webmaster Guidelines which will give a good idea on how to optimize your blog for search engines. If you are using a CMS like WordPress, then most of your work is done.

optimize blogs

There are some SEO plugins which are free to download from the WordPress Plugin Directory to optimize your WordPress Blog for search engines.


WordPress SEO Plugins (Few are given as example)

  1. All in one SEO plugin (Must Have plugin)
  2. Automatic SEO Links
  3. WP SEO by Yoast
  4. SEO smart link
  5. SEO Friendly Images
  6. SEO Easy Optimizer (SEO)
  7. SEO Ultimate

There are some more plugins available, please check the WordPress Plugins Directory.

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How to promote your Blog posts – (Day 6)

In the previous chapters you have understood how to write content for your blog and have same blog posting idea. The promotion of blog posts is mainly depends on keywords, which are used in the article.

There are some methods explained to promote your posts:

  1. Search Engines: Search engines are the best , free and reliable source of potential traffic.  Search engine visitors trends to make money for your blog. The search engines easily indexes your posts if it indexes their list. For this you should Ping these search
  2. Social Networking: Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Digg are very good source of traffic.  Facebook gives viral traffic to your blog. To get this traffic just setup facebook link posting with Feedburner. Digg is also good source to blog traffic. Google+ is now competitor site with
  3. News letters: If you plan to have a subscription system, then you can send news letters about your post or use Feedburner to automatically send email updates. Try to increase your number of subscribers and know that you can make money from your newsletters or RSS feed subscriber.Feedsubscription

  4. Commenting on similar Topic posts: Commenting on another blogs are one of the best method of getting some traffic, but  make sure that your comment should be in an impressive way. (Use Comment Kahuna Software-Free Link Building Software) 


  5. Interlinking your posts: I would suggest to use plugins for related posts and link to your own posts as you might have noticed that in this post I have linked to relevant pages. This helps in increasing page views, reduces bounce rates, increase the time spent by a visitor on your blog which is very important for your blog.



Suggested readings:

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Make changes in Blog Settings, post and page creations (Day 4)

Here I have explained Wordpress hosted site settings because it can optimize very fast and they have more plugins. Before starting blog posting your blog you need to do all the basic changes within 5 minutes. For this changes, go through each link in ‘Dashboard’ mainly - permalink structure, , General settings, writing, reading, pinging services and few other settings.


First thing first:

Once you install WordPress blog, you will get a default post “Hello World” and a default comment. Delete them and follow the rest of the tutorial:


Now the biggest task is in front of you – Content. Content is the most important part of your blog / website. You can create static pages and blog posts.

  1. Creating Categories – Decide upon the categories that you would be using for your posts. You can even create new ones in future. You can input the category name, description (optional) and the category page slug (optional)
  2. Creating Static Pages – You need to write some standard pages like the privacy policy, contact us, about us and whatever you think is a must for your website. You will find a separate link for posts are pages, so be sure that you use the right link to create a new page
  3. Creating a Post – Its almost similar creating a post and a page in WordPress, but it has some difference like the posts are displayed on the front page.

Deciding your Front Page – You can decide if you would like to show the latest posts on your front page or a static page on your home page. This can be done under the reading setting as shown in the image below

1. Settings > Permalink:

In the Settings → Permalinks panel (Options → Permalinks before WordPress 3.0 +), you can choose one of the "common" structures or enter your own in the "Custom structure" field using the structure tags as - %postname%



One of the major differences between a static Website and a blog is ability to ping. By pinging search engine bots, our WordPress blog notifies the search engines about newly published blog post. You should update your ping list with all major ping services. Add all the ping services URL and click on update button. I also recommend you to use PushPress plugin to ping cloud ping servers.

Also under Settings > Writing you can enable or disable atom publishing and XML-RPC Services.


2. Settings > General:

Configuration of  your Homepage name and Tag line is very important step to shows up in Google search. Now, for the security reasons, if you have a single authored blog. I suggest you to disable WordPress registration.



Update Ping services in the last field. (copy and paste in the UPDATE SERVICES box)

3. Settings>Writing

At this stage, we will set up WordPress settings related to writing. By default, WordPress adds a category “Uncategorized” which doesn’t look so ideal. Here you can change the default category to any other category. You can go to posts> Categories from left sidepanel, and add a new category. Come back, and change the WordPress default category to newly created category.

writing settings


4. Settings> Reading:

Now, at this WordPress set up page, you can configure many things like what should be your blog homepage be. We are using custom home page and not a regular blog page. So, we changed the homepage to custom page we designed.  For a normal blog, you can let the setting be “Your latest posts” as shows in screenshot.


Here we configure comment related settings on our blog, and also one important settings which happens due to comment pagination.  Here are settings which I usually use on my blogs: I’m writing down the settings which requires to be on.

  1. Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article
  2. Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)
  3. Allow people to post comments on new articles
  4. Comment author must fill out name and e-mail
  5. Enable threaded (nested) comments
  6. Anyone posts a comment
  7. A comment is held for moderation
  8. An administrator must always approve the comment


5.Avatar settings:

Now, if you are new to WordPress, I suggest you to go to and create an account and upload your image for your Email address. And here, you can make changes like gravatar rating and default gravatar.

Pointing upRed roseBonus tip: If you are really paranoid about your site loading speed, you might like to disable the gravatar.


6. Settings > Media

Though, you can skip setting up this part but I usually suggest users to make come necessary changes to avoid lots of images files. By default, when you upload images in WordPress, it creates images in 3 different sizes. Here you can set sizes as 0 X 0 and keep only one desired size as enabled along with size.

media settings

7. Settings> Privacy:

This is the setting tab, where you configure if you want search engine like Google to show your blog in searches or not. I usually keep it off until I’m completely done with WordPress set up and ready to write my first post. If you are done with set up, select the option which says “Allow search engines to index this site.”


We will cover all such topics in coming days, but for now you might like to subscribe to our Email updates, and if you find this tutorial useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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Select Theme and Plugins to wordpress blog / website (Day 3)

After getting blog / website with CMS you need to do few changes like Template design selection plugins installation.  Take care about the following things to best results.


Decide good Theme:

Wordpress theme selection is very important. You should have a theme which matches the topic of your blog. There are plenty of sites that provide good themes. Installation is also very easy. There are many themes that are available free.


Wordpres theme selection 

Compatibility with Latest Wordpress versionIts very important that the theme that you use is compatible with the latest version of Wordpess

  1. Search Engine Friendly – Most of the themes are SEO friendly, but it’s always better to check if the SEO part is taken care.
  2. Well optimized – Too much of features and widgets may not load your website in full pace. Fast loading of pages is very important.
  3. Customizable – If you have an options page for your theme where you can do your customization, then it would be helpful for you to do necessary changes without playing with the theme code.
  4. Widgets Enabled – Now a days, most of the themes are Widget Enabled, but just check if your theme is up to date. Usage of more widgets in site / blog reduces site loading and site speed.
  5. Layout - There are two popular type of themes available, like the Magazine style and the Regular blog style.


Search-Select-Install-Activate the plugins / Addons

Wordpress is a great tool and will suit most of the needs. You will find tons of plugins which are free at the WordPress Extension Directory.


Some of the most important plugins are recommended. They are


See the links for the given plugins, search each plugin and get it


  • Akismet (default plugin it comes with CMS)
  • All in One SEO Plugin – (Very important  for SEO)
  • WP Minify (It cleanup complex javascripts & CSS files)
  • Backupwordpress
  • Google analyticator
  • Broken Link Checker
  • SEO Friendly Images
  • WP-Super cache Plugin (It increases site speed)
  • Cbnet ping optimizer (It contels unnecessary plugins)
  • Platinum SEO pugin
  • SEO no duplicate wordress plugin
  • Redirection plugin
  • WP
  • Google XML sitemap
  • Linkwithin
  • Pagenavi
  • CommentLuv

You can search and install the required plugins under “Plugins” section in site Dashboard. After few changes your blog is ready to post the content. Adding content is next step.

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Creating and Maintaining a Professional Online Presence -Website/Blog and Social Identity (Day 2)

Online presence is the first step. You need to have an address/brand name and for this, we need to get a website with your brand name or with most popular & easy keyword. You should register domain name and take paid or free hosting services. If you can not spend money just start with free blog. There are number of free blog services. Select best blog service of  your choice. Blogger and Wordpress are more popular. Blogger blogs are very low in SEO but Wordpress blogs are very strong because they have  tons of Plugins, which give more chances to promote and for your in online presence.


My advice is go for register domain name rather than blog because to avoid few technical troubles and to overcome  SEO problems in blogs and choose best hosting service.

Advantages of having own domain and paid hosting

  1. You can have a domain name registered in your name and address (helps in brand building and sounds professional)
  2. You can customize your blog files / looks, etc when you have your own hosting
  3. You can add additional features, better storage


There are plenty of hosting services are providing good storage options. Hosting services are two types one is Free hosting and another one is paid hosting. Just choose best one, If you are confident on your project just go for Paid hosting, if you are not confident go for free hosting. The disadvantage of having a paid hosting is that you will have to pay for it on a monthly or a yearly basis depending on the package you choose. There are hosting available from US$ 5 per month, which should be affordable, but again its your choice to go for a free or a paid blog /website.


Content Management System (CMS) is the best choice to start blogs/site

HTML and other web languages are very important to maintain websites in old web technology. Now It’s very easy to handle or maintain blogs/website with new web technology (Web 2.0).   You can now use CMS (Content Management System) like Wordpress, Drual and Joomla to maintain your blog.These CMSs are open source and free to use. You can do any changes according to their license (GPL).

Content Management System (CMS) 

I would suggest to use Wordpress for your blog / website because its user friendly, supported by a big community, free updates and tons of plugins. There are millions of blogs powered with Wordpress, so I am sure that you will not regret using this tool.



Creating your Online Presence

Besides having a website of your own, I would recommend to create accounts with popular social networking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Improving your Social presence will help you a lot in marketing your product. we will go in detail on this in the Marketing part, so first you need to get an account with at least the following.

social_networking_sites logos

Social Networking sites are more interactive places with peoples. So, please signup and create accounts in the given sites.

These social networking sites are free services if you add and accept more contacts you will get more benefits for traffic. Just Create a free account and get the profile links. Place the links in your blog/website. Place the blog/site link in the created social networking sites. It helps you lot in the blog/site promotion.

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Plan Online Venture for Online Earning Research (Day 1)

Making money online working from home is a very popular concept. I see a lot of people going into this path, but very less people sticking to this path and tasting success. Many lose money falling prey to Home Jobs Scams and losing the trust on online programs.

you-decide Patience is very important up to few months for potential earnings.

To be very clear, my experience tells that there is no shortcut to make money online. You need to be devoted, hard working and should be aware of what you are doing and what would be your next step.


Before you start off, make sure of the following factors

  1. That you are prepared for a long run
  2. You are going to start a new venture
  3. You need to have sufficient time
  4. You are going to do what you are interested
  5. You will enjoy working from home
  6. You have the basic skills required to run your online venture
  7. You are ready to work hard
  8. You will not expect results very soon
  9. You are Hard Working and not Hardly Working
  10. You will be able to do the necessary investment if required in your plans If you are comfortable with all the above factors, then you should start with your plans. You need to decide what you are planning to do online to make money. There are many ways that you can make money online working from home. You should make sure that your project or online venture should be ethical and should have some value. You should also have sufficient knowledge and experience in what you are going to do.


Some of the methods are listed below, these are discussing in this course:

1. Earning through Blogging
2. Domain Parking
3. PTC Programmes
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Email Marketing
6. Advertising Programs
7. Link Referral Programmes
8. Make money Writing and Selling E-Books
9. Make money from your
10.Online Shopping Mall


Now you need to spend some time on deciding what you would like to do. I would suggest that you should go for something, which will be of your interest, and you have some professional experience. For example, you are a software expert; you could start a service online, so that people could hire you for their  projects. I have done a good number of projects which I bagged online. All the work was done from my home and sold to the customer. There are many ways to get the payment like Paypal, Moneybookers or a bank transfer.

Decide your venture online 

It’s not mandatory that you should be a professional or you should have some professional qualification to start your online career. For example, you have good cooking skills, you could start a Cooking / Recipe Forum and offer some cooking tips, post your recipes, answer to the queries of your readers, write a recipe e-book and sell it online, etc. I will be posting more on making money from your blog / website in the coming chapters, so don’t worry about the money making part now.

Do not forget to follow regularly to get new updated info. Your comments and feedback are more appreciative to my work.

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FREE Online Earning Course: Learn - Earn

I am starting a simple few days tutorial “Learning to Make money online Working from Home in few days”. This is a course in simple words for beginners or people who are struggling to make money online. I will be going step by step in this tutorial starting from deciding your online method to making money out of it.LearnandEarn


Most of the peoples are attracting the works 'Work from Home', 'Online earning', 'Earnings with ads clicking', 'Earn by reading emails'. 98% are going to scam. Finally the user losing their valuable time and money. Off course i am also. So i have filtered online earning system in two ways-one is Scam systems and Non-Scam system. Here i am taking first method in the course.


You can find the second system reviews and cheating in the coming articles. Anyway remember one thing "Slow and Steady win the Race". Fast money systems getting accounts suspending and wasting our time. First

Learn - Practice - Implement -  RESULT


You will find one post every two days the whole month and I hope this will be useful to some of readers. I will be sharing my experiences, my online earning methods, tips for home jobs, etc. You are free to post your comments and queries as comments which will be answered by me.

Course Pack Details:

Day 1: Plan Online Venture for Online Earning Research

Day 2: Creating and Maintaining a Professional Online Presence -Website/Blog and Social Identity

Day 3: Select Theme and Plugins to wordpress blog / website 

Day 4: Make changes in Blog Settings, post and page creations

Day 5: Write the content for your Blog / Site

Day 6: How to promote your Blog posts

Day 7: Optimize your blog for your Search Engines

Day 8: Tools to hold the Visitors to spend more time on your blog

Day 9: Earn money from your Blog

Day 10: Find out and signup best PTC programs

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