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Earn with Sharing Links

This is very easy and common way to earn money online. Link sharing is a normal thing which we do commonly while surfing internet. We share our favorite links with our friends on e-mail and social websites like FaceBook, Yahoo! and msn. image


You can share any kind of links like a website link or a video or an image or mp3 link or even a download file link. When someone click or open your paid links then you will earn for that.

More detail given below about earns money by sharing links.


About Paid Link

Generally everyone knows normal link but paid link is a link when it open with some advertisement and we are paid for that. This system is known as a monetizing a link or paid link. These links basically three type.

1) Intermission ad link:

When someone opens this paid link firstly it will open with full page advertisement after 10 seconds our actual page will open.

2) Top Banner ad link:

In this link advertise banner always show on the top of our original webpage.

3) Pop-Up ad link:

When someone open this paid link then pop-up window containing the advertisement.


Convert a Normal Link to Paid Link

At first signup or register on that website and login there. Now click on "create links" from menu bar then copy and past normal link there. After that it will ask you for "Landing page contain". The landing page means which will open when your link is clicked.


This step is you will get two options there one is "all ages" and another is "eighteen plus". Select one option from there and it totally depends on your type of links.


In last step it will ask you for type of paid link ads. There are three type of paid link ads

1) Intermission ad link

2) Top banner ad link

3) Pop-up ad link.  Select one which type you want to create.


When someone clicks on this paid link then it will show some advertisement with original link.


Is There any Restriction on Earning?

No, there is no restriction on earning. More you share your link then more you earn.


Is it Free to Signup/Join?

Yes, its totally free for join or register. They will not charge any fee for earning by sharing links.


Request for Money

You have to earn minimum $5 dollars then you can request for your money. They will send your money to your online bank PayPal or Payza account.


Tips for Sharing Links

  1. Collect interesting links from internet and convert those links into paid link then send it to everyone by e-mail.
  2. You can use social networking sites like,, and for sharing your paid links.
  3. You can also use Yahoo! or msn messenger chat for sharing your paid links. You can send message them with attaching your paid links.
  4. Collect some funny video and image from or then convert them paid link and send them to your friends.


Paid Link Making Site

You can convert a normal link to a paid link by this site. Choose your favorite link and make it to a paid link. Signup here and get free account – Happy Earnings

1. Linkbucks:



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