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Online File Sharing

This is the simple and easy money making way. Some website pays you money every time for sharing file online. At first you have to upload a file on that website when someone downloads it, you will paid for that. You will earn from every download.Those websites will not charge any fee for registration. So, you can free upload unlimited number of files of any size in any format. This can be downloaded for unlimited number of times.



How to Files Download?

Your friend and some one can easily download those files by using download links; don’t need to register on those sides for download files. Those sites also support parallel download files. The downloader can download more than one file at the same time. So, the downloader can start the download your file very easy.


File Download Websites

There are many people everyday working on social networking sites like Facebook, and whose are requesting for popular new mp3s, videos, software, films, video clips and games and different types of files sharing everyday. Many people providing download links to their friends and other requested people. You can also provide them download links but whenever they download from your links then you will got money for that.


My Little Experience

One day I gave a software download link to my friend that time he ask me at Yahoo! How I get this software for free? Answer was, this software is for free and till now but I am earning till now from this link.  Because many people search that software daily on Google and Yahoo! and my link is always comes on the result page. So, many downloaders download my software daily. That’s the power of Google and Yahoo!. Like Google, Yahoo is another good search engine. So, this is the simple way to make money without any investment.


File Sharing Site Links

Given below some websites links those sites are providing huge store space for free.

1. Filefactory







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