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Ougos - Your Online Traffic Broker - Get Free Clicks to your URLs–(Part 1)

Ougos is an Online Traffic Broker, which was released on 5th January 2008. Ougos only trade with real and unforced clicks, to increase the popularity of member’s websites. Especially small and undiscovered websites have problems to become popular in internet. Ougos help these sites to get more popularity and more money.




Ougos is an Online Traffic Broker; you can receive free “clicks” and “impressions” on your website. With the support of the OUGO Browser it is possible to visit up to 720 sides per hour. In spite of that you can run the OUGO Browser in background, so it cannot disturb you while surfing. Ougos is basically different to normal visitor’s exchange service.


Normal visitor’s exchange services offer their members to receive clicks on their websites too, but these clicks are “forced” (Forced-Clicks) and cost many credits. Ougos doesn’t force its members to click on a special button at member’s website to earn more credits. Ougos only offers real and unforced clicks. Besides, this principle is still efficient! You receive more clicks on your website with Ougos than with Forced4Click campaigns in visitor’s exchange services!

Quick Start

Some users in Ougos complain not to know, how Ougos works. This new tutorial should help to solve this problem.


We start very primitive:

Ougos names itself as Traffic Broker. This meaning is not very popular. You can also say: Click exchange; it is a special kind of traffic exchange.


Chapters of tutorial:

  1. Why do I need clicks?
  2. Are there any requirements?
  3. Search a PPC-Network to earn money
  • I have a website
  • I have no website


1. Why do I need clicks?

ougos user

You need clicks for your private or commercial website. There are two different kind of users, who visits websites:

  1. The first one visit your website, look not more than 30 seconds to your content and close your site.
  2. The second one visit also your website, but is reading your content, is interested and click to next site.
  3. The last one (the second) has a better value for webmasters than the first one. With the last one webmasters earn the morest profit. This is because such users are interested at your content and the possibility that he also willing to click to your ad is very high (over 80%).


Ougos has focused on this second type of specialized visitors. All individuals who using our system, use the OUGO Browser (Autoclick-Browser) and click on ads or next pages. This has its advantages.

2. Are there any requirements?

ougosfluss 2

No. But it is recommend if you want make the highest benefits with Ougos (but there are also alternatives) to own a website. If you haven’t a website you can create one by free-webhosters, for example: . After creating you paste your new URL into “My Links” in your Ougos account.

All Urls, which are registrate in Ougos System will rotate every day. Ougos Members will see your website until you have zero credits. To earn credits you must surf with OUGO Browser.


You can download the OUGO Browser into your account on dashboard (first site you see), there is a link (Download here) and also introduction how to configure OUGO Browser (Configure OUGO Browser). If you’re done with all that, you have reach 80% of 100%! The last 20% contain the search at an advertising network or affiliate program. A list of advertising network, which work with Ougos you can find here.


Sign up on one or more advertising network there. Then you put their advertising code into your website or free-host website and after this, please check if you see ads. Beware that your advertiser has CPC offers (CPC=Cost per click advertising). That is very important!


3. I haven’t a website!


Alternative (I have no website)

If you don’t have a website or you are not interested to have one, for this kind of users, we have also a solution:

Under: we have a list of advertising networks, which don’t require owning a website or have a free host website. If you sign up there, please beware that you get a link. That link you must register into “My Links”.


So it is in Ougos system and you get the clicks and views. I hope you could follow all explanations. If not, please don’t hesitate to ask into forum or contact us.

Add websites


Add unlimited websites

Whether your own website or a friend; every site you enter into Ougos, will assumed *. You can use Ougos, to earn money with your website, to get more points by a browser game, or to increase the Alexa rank. Websites, who are in the Ougos system, get a better Google position if someone search something.

Learn How to Download, Configure the Browser and

Browser running process in Part – II


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