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CPMfun - The Best Ad Network for Entertainment Website

CPM Fun is a one-of-a-kind CPM-based ad network focused on entertainment traffic. If you have a related website, don't wait - join us and watch your revenue growing like never!


Some of our key benefits:

  1. Custom built system;
  2. 100% fill rate;
  3. International publishers accepted;
  4. NET 30 payments;
  5. Simple, real-time reporting;
  6. Highest eCPMs in the industry;
  7. Daily $$ bonuses for every publisher

Ad Network Type : PopUnder & Banner .
Banner Size : 728×90, 468×60, 300×250 , 336×280 , 120×600 , 160×600 px
You can place maximum 3 different codes per page .
Real CPM : (Tested By Me)    $0.15 - $1 Per 1000 Unique Visitor .
Minimum Payout :  100 $
Payment Time  Monthly
Payment Methods : PayPal
Secure : (Redirect , Virus , Scam )    %90 it is Secure, (Without any Virus And Without any Scam . )
Notice (%10 ,Why it is Not Secure?! ) : 
8to10 – October – 2012 , some Websites Redirected to another websites. Now it is working with some official advertiser
Allow Porno & Warez Websites :  Some Times Allow Warez Websites . Not Allow Porno Websites
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